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Community Flood Improvement Fund Grant

What is the Community Flood Improvement Fund Grant?

This scheme is funded by Essex County Council to protect homes and businesses in Essex (excluding Southend and Thurrock) against flooding. It is part of the Council’s five year Flood Prevention Capital Programme.

What does it fund?

The Grant will fund any plan or scheme that wishes to reduce flood risk to properties or businesses in their area. Projects to protect homes are given priority.

Who can get funding?

The types of organisations that can apply include:

  • Town and parish councils
  • District, borough and city councils
  • Community groups
  • The Environment Agency
  • Water supply and sewerage companies e.g. Anglia Water,  Thames Water etc
  • Essex Highways
  • Essex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Landowners and farmers
  • Voluntary organisations, charities and conservation bodies
  • Other interested organisations in Essex

Can you get a grant?

Any application must be shown to contribute towards the reduction of flooding in Essex as shown in the council's Sustainable Environment Commissioning Mandate. This can be shown by individual applications doing the following:

  • Reducing flood risk to Essex residents
  • Scoring favourably in the Essex County Council capital flood management programme prioritisation matrix
  • The project starting within the current financial year
  • Complying with EU State Aid Rules
  • Can be completed by 2020
  • Gaining recommendation by the Flood Programme Commissioning Officers Group
  • Getting sign-off by a Cabinet Member

Evidence needed

You can help your grant application by showing the following evidence:

  • past flooding in the area or total number of properties at risk of flooding
  • residential properties would have reduced flood risk as a result of the scheme
  • the cost of the scheme shows real benefits
  • the project would start or planning applications would happen in the current financial year
  • That you have the resources for the scheme including: funding, expertise and legal authority
  • Be able to show regular upkeep for the scheme once complete (including scheme adoption).
  • The timeframe for the delivery of the scheme.

What the grant will not fund

These projects cannot get a grant:

  • Fully funded flood risk management schemes - we will only make a contribution towards such schemes.
  • Feasibility and appraisal studies - we will only support existing schemes and not plans
  • Compensating Essex residents who have been flooded
  • Maintenance projects for existing or future schemes- for example, maintaining existing flood assets such as flood walls.
  • Projects that benefits areas not included within the Essex County Council Lead Local Flood Authority Area - Southend and Thurrock
  • Projects that reduce flood risk to only businesses and commercial properties
  • Projects that reduce flood risk from main river flooding and coastal erosion - this is the responsibility of the Environment Agency
  • Property Level Protection schemes
  • Captal schemes - schemes that do not begin within the current financial year
  • Schemes not deliverable by 2021 and within the Essex County Council five year capital programme.

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