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Apply for a Community Flood Scheme Grant

Who can apply?

If you’re a landowner, a business or a community group you can apply:

  • Town and parish councils
  • District, borough and city councils
  • Community groups 
  • The Environment Agency
  • Water supply and sewerage companies (Anglian Water, Affinity Water, Thames Water and Essex and Suffolk Water)
  • Essex Highways
  • Essex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Voluntary organisations, charities and conservation Bodies 
  • Other interested organisations in Essex.

What supporting evidence can I include with my application?

To help us decide on your application, you must include some of the following supporting documents with your application form. They can include evidence of:

  • the total number of properties at risk of flooding as well as the number of properties whose flood risk would be reduced as a result of the scheme
  • any past investigation and/or mitigation efforts to the problem i.e. any flood investigations reports, options appraisal studies and detailed analysis of preferred options if available
  • positive benefit cost ratio for the scheme
  • the impact of flooding episodes on the local community and the local economy including where appropriate pictorial evidence
  • the project start date which should be within the current financial year
  • adequate resources for the delivery of the scheme including funding, expertise and legal authority
  • the provision of sufficient post-construction maintenance regime for the scheme (including scheme adoption)
  • past funding applications and where appropriate evidence of any funding commitments made by other contributing parties if available
  • the time frame for the delivery of the scheme

How do I apply?

To make an application:

What happens after I apply?

  • Your application will be reviewed by our Flood team. If they need more information, they will contact you to make a request.
  • The flood team will pass your application on to the Flood Programme Commissioning Officers Group after their first review.
  • The Flood Programme Commissioning Officers Group will decide whether you qualify for the grant.
  • Your application will then be signed off by the Cabinet Member for Customer Operations, Libraries, Planning and Environment and Essex County Council Legal Services.