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Essex Forest Initiative

In October 2019, we committed to plant £1million worth of trees over the next five years. This will include planting 375,000 trees, over 150 hectares, equivalent to the size of 210 football pitches. Aside from offsetting carbon production, forests and trees help to reduce the impact of flooding. 

The EFI will provide financial support (including grant funding applications), planning advice, contractor procurement and advice on species selection to landowners interested in tree planting on their land.

Schools and Parishes are provided free trees, species advice and planning guidance. EFI volunteering planting events run throughout winter involving schools and the local community. To join on volunteer events, follow the Forest Initiative's Facebook page here: Facebook | Essex Forest Initiative

Find out more information on the EFI here: The Essex Forest Initiative | Essex County Council

Types of tree planting projects include:

  • Woodland creation
  • Hedgerows
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Agroforestry
  • Community Orchards
  • Forestry school areas

Achievements by the end of year 3:

  • Trees planted: 241,560
  • Hectares planted: 75
  • New hedgerows in meters: 23,664 
  • Volunteer hours: 2,425

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