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Property Level Resilience Grant for homes

What is a Property Level Resilience - PLR grant?

A Property Level Resilience - PLR grant is an amount of money you can apply for to protect your property from local flood sources.

Local flood sources include:

  • rainfall
  • watercourses
  • groundwater

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How much can I get?

You can get up to £5000 per property to protect your property against flooding.

What can I use the grant for?

You can use the PLR grant to protect your property by fitting flood protection products on your property. These include:

  • Automatic flood doors
  • De-watering pumps
  • Barriers – usually fitted on doors and windows to prevent flood water from entering your property
  • Air brick covers – placed over existing airbricks and vents to act as a seal to prevent floodwater from entering your property.

Apply for a property level resilience grant

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