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Property level resilience grant for homes

What is a Property Level Resilience – PLR grant?

With our Property Level Resilience (PLR) grant you can get up to £5000 to protect your property against flooding. Since 2014, PLR grants have been made available to Essex residents who have experienced flood water entering their property.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a PLR grant if you’ve been affected by internal flooding from local flood risk sources such as rainfall, watercourses, and groundwater.


What can I used the grant for?

You can use the PLR grant to protect your property by fitting flood protection products. Successful applicants can install practical resilience methods which include:

  • Automatic flood doors
  • De-watering pumps
  • Barriers – usually fitted on doors and windows to prevent flood water from entering your property
  • Air brick covers – placed over existing airbricks and vents to act as a seal to prevent floodwater from entering your property
  • Non-return valves

If you’d like more guidance or information then please contact us on the email below:

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