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Property Flood Resilience Grant Application

The Property Flood Resilience (PFR) grant process typically takes around three months from the initial application to the installation of the recommended measures. All applications are handled by our scheme delivery partner, Lakeside Flood Solutions. They will arrange for an independent surveyor to assess your property, provide a quotation based on the survey and, if you choose to proceed, and arrange for installation of the recommended PFR measures at your property

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved.

  1. Application: You submit your application for the PFR grant. 
  2. Survey: An independent surveyor assesses your property to identify areas susceptible to flooding (routes of ingress) under 600mm, ensuring the grant is used effectively.
  3. Recommendations: Based on the survey, the surveyor recommends specific flood resilience measures.
  4. Quote: The supplier measures up your property and provides a quote for the recommended products.
  5. Decision: You decide whether to proceed with the proposed measures.
  6. Funding Coverage:
    • If the quote is under £8,000, the measures are fully covered by the grant;
    • If the quote exceeds £8,000, the homeowner is required to contribute the additional amount to cover the cost.
  7. Installation: Once approved, the products are installed.

Keep in mind that the grant allocation typically fulfils the needs of an average 3-bedroom semi-detached house.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a PFR grant, you must:

  • have experienced internal flooding from local water sources, or
  • reside in Essex (excluding the unitary authorities of Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock) in a designated Critical Drainage Area

Only the homeowner can apply for the PFR grant.

Apply for a PFR grant

Time needed

15 minutes

Evidence needed

Photos of flooding

Videos of flooding

Other evidence such as water marks, water damage, insurance claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next steps

After you submit the application form, the next steps will be to :

  • schedule a survey
  • recommend measures needed

Apply for a PFR grant

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