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Reducing surface water in your garden

Did you know that 36,000 properties in Essex are at risk of flooding when it rains? Is your home at risk of flooding? Check your flood risk.

There is a limit to how much rain our drain and sewerage system can handle, surface water flooding happens when excess rain water can not soak into the ground, but lies on or flows over the ground instead. This situation is exasperated by trends in climate change, such as more intense rainfall which can lead to flash floods. Hard impermeable surfaces (which water can't seep through) such as concrete and asphalt used in roads and driveways contributes to surface water flooding. Small changes to your garden such as using materials that water can seep through, creating a rain garden or using a water butt can help water soak into the ground.​ If lots of people make small changes to help slow the flow of rain water together we can make a big difference on reducing flood risk in the community. To incentivize making small changes to front gardens we have a competition!!!


Win £250 worth of Royal Horticultural Society vouchers

Small changes to front gardens can help reduce flood risk to your home and your neighbours, so we’re giving away £250 worth of Royal Horticultural Society vouchers to spend on water-loving plants to one lucky Essex resident and a £50 voucher to three runners up.

For a chance to win, simply watch the video below, go to our facebook page (2) Essex Flood & Water Management | Facebook and leave a comment letting us know your name, and two changes you would like to make to your front garden that will help slow the flow of surface water. Alternatively you can email your name and answers to:


Entry closes at midnight on Friday 14th April 2023.

Please check out our competition terms and conditions for more information on competition rules.


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