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Essex County Council Ordinary Watercourse Maintenance Guide

Watercourse clearance 

What is the project about?

Although it is the legal responsibility of the landowner to keep watercourses on their land clear, in certain circumstances this can be difficult.

Our watercourse clearance programme focuses on clearing watercourses of silt and overgrown vegetation to allow the watercourse to operate again and reduce flood risk in the local area. This project is aimed at areas where several properties are at risk or residents need our help. 

The project helps local communities to understand the role maintaining watercourses play in managing their own flood risk.

Members of the Floods Team, along with members of the local community, clear the watercourse using equipment provided by the Floods Team.

If you would like to find out more, or want to suggest a suitable ditch in your area please contact us at Email: 

Want to volunteer?

We work with communities all across the county to make a difference in their local area. If you would like to get involved in ditch clearance or other events please visit our Volunteer Essex Opportunity to discover volunteer opportunities in your area

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